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Or, what are we about?

All our wines are produced sustainably. Because the vinification is done without animal products, our wines are very suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


‘Originated according to natural processes’

Organic means ‘Originated according to natural processes’. Wine does originate according to natural processes but not without the help of the winemaker and his equipe directed by a oenologue, a university educated wine expert. But unfortunately this is not always the case. A lot of organic wines are made with enthusiasm but without much skill or craftsmanship, which has given organic wine a bad reputation.

Misconceptions about organic wine


One of the misunderstandings about organic viniculture is that it doesn’t use any pesticides. Quite the opposite is true. In organic viniculture you are not allowed to use any SYNTHETIC pesticides. In practice this means for example that copper sulphate, a natural but severely toxic substance, is used freely in abundantly in organic wine production.

It is impossible to make wine without pesticides

Not organic

But producing wine without any sort of pesticide is impossible. That is why we at Château La Tulipe have chosen to follow the rules of ‘Lutte Raisonnée’, where in extreme emergencies, like in the case of prolonged rainfall which causes mould, we don’t use copper sulphate but instead choose for a minimal dose of a synthetic product that is a lot kinder to bees and humans and biodegrades quicker than copper sulphate (which is widely used in organic viniculture).

These are all reasons why, in spite of the fact that we try our hardest to relieve our pressure on this planet, we opt not to call our wine ‘organic’.

We love nature

In love with everything that grows

We invest a lot of energy and a lot of money in obtaining the knowledge that helps us produce our wine with the utmost integrity and in the most sustainable way. But there is more. We don’t limit ourselves to the vineyards. Because we are nature lovers, infatuated with everything that grows, we have planted woody hedgerows for the deer, wild boar, birds and all the other animals that live around here. We maintain an ancient badgers’ sett which houses a large family or badgers. We run a number of beehives and we plant areas of woodland around our vineyards with fruit trees and berry scrubs for the birds and other small critters.

Our old non-productive vineyards are dug up but not replanted. We give the land time to run wild and let the earth rest and recuperate for a period of five years.

This, and on a much smaller and more nit-pickery scale as well (for example the biodegradable glue for our cardboard boxes) is how we work. Both from a financial  and a production point of view this is the longest and the hardest road, but we are talking about our future, so it is vital to travel this road and invest in it.


An explosion of colours in the vineyard

Twenty five years ago we bought this wine chateau. The medieval castle was a bit of a wreck and the wine production was done in a ‘traditional’ manner- to put it mildly. Because we wanted to produce wine in harmony with nature, one of the first things we did was to stop using pesticides. This wasn’t easy, because back then we weren’t aware of any alternatives. But we persevered and slowly but surely we saw the return of wildflowers in our vineyards.

Nowadays you’ll find an explosion of thousands of colourful blooms among our grapes. We didn’t sow them, they just happened. But we are delighted, because those wildflowers attract all kinds of insects, who in turn form a natural defense against all those ugly little beasties and bacteria that are after our grapes. This leads to hardly any spraying, lowered CO2 output and a delicious healthy wine that you can drink with a clean conscience. Santé.

Vegetarian wine

Our wine is 100% vegan

Before it’s put in a bottle, wine needs to be cleared (of floating particles). If you don’t, it will look cloudy and murky. Clearing can be done using things like egg powder or animal fat-based products like gelatine made from pig bones. This is why most wines are not suitable for vegans.

Because we are nature lovers, we don’t want to use animal products. So we clear our wine with Bentonite, a clay based powder, completely natural.

It’s good to know that Bentonite is significantly more expensive than its animal derived alternatives. So that is why most wine producers don’t opt for this solution. Our wine however, is safe to drink and completely vegan!

Plastic or glass

Recycling plastic is considerably more environmentally friendly than recycling glass

But there are two problems with this unfortunately: 1: The consumer does not like drinking wine from a plastic bottle and 2: Wine in plastic can’t be stored for more than 6 months.

We have been lobbying for years for the introduction of a deposit on wine bottles. But the big brands such as Heineken and Coca Cola or the supermarkets are resistant. But hey, Je Maintiendrai!

And the wine? Is it delightful, good or so so?

When it comes to taste, everyone is right

Wine depends on taste. The taste of the wine and that of the drinker. Some love wood, others love fruit. One person wants young, the other old. We make our wines according to our own tastes because we like drinking them often and abundantly.

La Tulipe
Merlot – Merlot rosé – Chardonnay – Sauvignon blanc
Young, fruity wines. Made to drink immediately.

La Tulipe Prestige
Merlot – Sauvignon blanc
Tasteful Bordeaux wines, lightly aged on oak.

Rouge – Grenache rosé – Chardonnay – Sauvignon Blanc – Sweet Muscat
Juicy young wines for enjoying every day. Full flavoured and fun to drink.

Château La Tulipe
A rich, oak ripened full-bodied Bordeaux Supérieur for the real wine connoisseur. Awarded with multiple medals.

Trois Mille
A limited edition of an exclusive wine. Hand picked and vinified directly in oak Barriques. We only produce 3000 bottles a year and that only in exceptional wine years.
All in all, we have something for everyone. However you are free not to like our wines.

You are also invited to discuss this with us via, because when it comes to taste, everyone is in the right.

Our wines are one hundred percent natural

No Junk

Our wines are one hundred percent natural. They don’t contain any artificial colours or flavour enhancers or other additives. No gluten, no sweeteners, they have not been genetically modified, don’t receive any subsidies and were not involved in any animal testing.

Affordable to all

Expensive or cheap?

We want to keep our wines affordable to all. That is why we aim to keep our prices low. All profit is reinvested in the company and goes towards product improvements and further sustainability measures.

No ads

No ads

In our Slurp newsletter you will never be harassed by advertising. Apart from our own Slurp advertising of course. But we rather think of that as “wine lovers information”.

Life is too short to drink bad wine