Hurray! Slurp no 100 est arrivé! 22 August 2018

Why is Slurp called ‘Slurp’? 


If you want to taste wine like a pro you will need to slurp it. This way you decant the wine in your mouth so to speak, where it mingles with oxygen and releases the optimum amount of flavour. But it is not only wine that requires slurping, both large and small life events can be slowly and slurpingly imbibed.In our Slurp newsletter we slurp our own lives. Our tough-as-nails and buttery smooth existence, here at a wine chateau in the land of an incomprehensible people of guarded Bon Vivants. Surrounded by these Gauls we slurp moments, situations and people. And of course wine, the most beautiful drink on Earth.
Because a day you don’t slurp is a day you don’t live.

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