Harvest 2016: Merlot-pie 18 November 2016


The most beautiful grapes are hand picked by the winegrower himself. He selects large bunches of succulent sweet merlot grapes from the best plots, a little vineyard surrounded by crumbling dry stone walls and mossy wooden fencing, on the western slopes of a hill that is known on ancient maps as ‘Le Clos’.


Because the winegrower is planning to manually relieve his love babies of their stems and leaves, he temporarily places his booty to one side. But when he returns an hour later from another harvesting expedition his treasure has disappeared.


‘Tadaaaa! Merlot-pie!’ the winegrower’s lover calls out. ‘Who wants a piece?’


Merlot-pie – recipe

Buy (that is the easiest) a roll of ‘Pâte brisée’ (shortcrust pastry).
Roll it our and place in a pie base on baking paper.
Pierce here and there with a fork and sprinkle with gelling sugar.In a separate bowl, mix one egg-yolk with a bit of crème fraîche and coat the pastry base and edges with it.
Take the grapes from four large bunches of merlot grapes.
Add half with some butter to a pot and leave to caramelize on a low heat. Gently squeeze and keep on stirring.Leave the grape confiture (for that is what it is now) to cool and drain of excess juice, then spread it over the pie base.
Arrange the remaining fresh grapes on top.
Stick in the oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

To serve: put on a short skirt and a mischievous look.


‘I can’t eat any cake!’ Phillipe is upset. ‘My hands are dirty!’
‘Rubbish,’ mutters the winegrower. ‘It’s only grape juice and bits of merlot skin. It will only add more depth to the pie.’


ilja philippe
While the winegrower and his cellar master stuff themselves with the crispy delicacy, a loud disappointed groan rises up from behind the destemming machine.


But the winegrower’s lover has not left anybody out, and moments later Frédéric and Yvette too are enjoying the freshly baked grape pie.Local labourer Bongo, of whom it is said that he can lift an entire barrel of wine all by himself, is particularly impressed with the crispiness of the base as well as the viscosity of the confiture. ‘Grm, brm, krm! Brm!’ is his expert assessment.

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