Gort Père & Fils

Winemaker and author Ilja Gort grew up in the Dutch village of Soest. As a little six year-old boy he spent hours drumming on everything and anything. When he was ten, he played in three different local bands. He then became the drummer for the Hague pop band After Tea. He taught himself how to play the guitar and the piano, wrote songs and produced albums for various artists. He ended up specialising in music for TV and radio adverts and composed jingles for global brands like Nike, Coca Cola, Microsoft and Nescafé.

In 1994 he bought a dilapidated wine castle near Bordeaux, and soon after his wines started winning high ranking awards at important wine fairs and he was selected as one of the best winemakers of France.


In 2005 his first book was published, Surviving France, detailing his eccentric adventures among winegrowers in the south of France. It became a bestseller of which more than 250.000 copies have been sold.

Currently he divides his time between France and The Netherlands. In the UK his La Tulipe wine is sold at Sainsbury’s. He has his own TV show on Dutch national television.

In 2014, after finishing his study Business at the Regent College in London,  his son Klaas joined him at the chateau. He lives and works there as the maître du Chateau.

father & son

Père et fils

Père et fils

“I initially put the words ‘Père & Fils’ on the label as a joke when my son Klaas was 6 years old. But recently Klaas (now 26) has been appointed maître du Chateau.”

Since 2001 Ilja Gort has regularly been publishing books about the ‘tough-as- nails yet velvety soft-life of a winemakers. Cliquez ici.

Every month he and the winegrower’s lover Caroline d’Hollosy produce the digital winegrower’s newsletter Slurp!, full of articles about wine, the chateau, France, restaurants and more.


“Oh, the Méhari…the joy of tearing through the gate in that little plastic toy car, rattling and shaking in a cloud of dust. The scent of flowering vineyards all around, free of everything, headed for new adventures. Or perhaps just around the corner to get some croissants at the boulangerie.”